Who We Are

Studio 74 has been in the works over a number of years as Dariusz has consistently worked with a variety of clients since graduating in 2015, but only became a reality in 2020 during the first UK lockdown when it became a spare time project to begin the set-up.

Since it’s conception, Studio 74 has had the pleasure of working with clients across lots of different industries, from beauty and fashion, to automotive and hospitality, and continues to grow each month.

What We Do

We specialise in commercial photography; that means any products, in any industry. We also produce the highest quality packshots. Our main aim is to always create unique and original ideas that help your product stand out! 


Contact Us

Address: Studio 74, Bridge Street, Derby, DE1 3LB

Phone Number: 07891 280777

Email Address: info@studiono74.com


Dariusz is the Head Photographer behind all of Studio 74’s imagery and retouching. 

Starting out as self-taught, he then attended the University of Derby in 2012 to study Commercial Photography and walked away with a First Class Honours and a new sense of direction. Throughout his career he has worked in the Fashion industry predominantly but has always held a torch for product photography, which is where Studio 74 came in, allowing him to work in both worlds. 

You’re most likely to find him in a very dark room with a very milky coffee retouching for hours on end.


Rachel is the organisational force behind Studio 74 and occasional studio assistant! She also attended the University of Derby in 2012 studying Commercial Photography, which is where she met Dariusz. 

She later went on to re-study in Digital Marketing and has since worked for both fashion and beauty brands. You’re most likely to find her at her desk responding to clients emails, while ensuring the calendar is up to date and everything is running smoothly. 

She also spends A LOT of time on social media looking at inspiration for clients projects..

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